Sunday, May 24, 2009


Here are few of my pieces exploring fiddle head fern themes.
They were made on acrylic painted burlap with hand stitched acrylic yarns and wood beads.
Living in Florida, I miss Croatian forests, misty fresh mornings where we would go hiking to the mountain. Zagreb is placed under Sljeme mountain, and my husband and I were fortunate to live in the upper area of the outskirts of the city. From our house we needed roughly 2 1/2 hours to reach the top hiking. In the winter months, when deep snow would cover everything, very often the only way to go up would be with cable car. On the weekend the mountain would be crowded by skiers of all ages. Spring hikes were the most beautiful ones, misty and crisp. Shy spring flowers were showing up between left over patches of snow.
I wrote this poem bellow remembering those times.

"Spring poem"

Forest is awakening...

while I'm walking on the path
woven by morning mist,
my heart chants an ode
to spring happiness.
In every dew drop on tiny
cyclamen leaves,
I see my reflection
and that of
all the souls
that walked the same path
countless springs long ago,
breathing the same crisp freshness
of forest air,
eyes absorbing all the beauty
of these ancient trees,
listening to the music of the eternal
and everlasting

and a gushing, chilly spring whispering
the old forgotten tales...

©Mirjana Cesar

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