Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Where I want to be"


Where I want to be
Acrylic painted fiber collage on burlap with wood beads and acrylic yarn

It was pretty challenging working on this size especially sewing the wood beads through the middle section of the piece.

My mother was born in East Croatian town of Djakovo. All my memories of my early childhood are tied to that area. I have spent every summer vacation there visiting my grandparents. Being artisans they're responsible for leading me on to my creative path. The little town was surrounded by wheat, sunflower, poppy fields. I remember running trough the fields, soaking the summer sun, listening to the songs of the busy bees.

Here is the link to the town website:

Love field

taste sorrow on my lips,

Take these tired cold hands
in your own,
warm and inviting,

Lead me from the
underground of my lost soul,
towards the gates
of divine love,

Cover my shoulders
with hopeful rays of belonging,

Wrap me in joyful words
flawing pure springs of happiness,

Lay me
down in fields of poppy,
caressing my body
with flowers of passion,

Love me...
Love me....
Love me...
Love me forever...

© Mirjana Cesar

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