Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Dark sea"

I loved you in the purple sunset
embraced you
like you're my son,
felt you
like a good old
well known taste
but still undetermined,
all was known
when I was with you
and yet
there was a trace of unknown, still...

Our time
vanished away sadly,
and instead of offering it
to each other
we poured it
into another dimension
which we had chosen
unaware of the reality...

Now we are stuck under piles of
cruel and sticky
everlasting presence
of countless rings of memories...

I still remember
silvery moonshine
spread over
the shimmering dark sea,
and us walking,
listening to the music
from a little cafe in the bay...

all I know is
I'll meet you there again....

©Mirjana Cesar

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