Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Karlovac" ACEO

This is an original mixed media ACEO.

"Karlovac" is a part of ongoing series of ACEO's with monogram themes, created in June 2009.

Prismacolor Marker drawing on a fine-textured transparent Canson tracing paper mounted over recycled phone book page on Strathmore acid free 300 Bristol paper 100 lb, painted with acrylic. Embellished with Croatian postal stamp and markers.

Karlovac is a Croatian city build in 16 century.
Karlovac used to be known in Croatia as 'grad parkova' (the city of parks) and 'grad na četiri rijeke' (the town on four rivers) for its numerous green areas and four rivers, of which the Mrežnica, the Korana and the Kupa flow through built-up areas, and the Dobra is a few kilometers outside the city centre. These designations are now somewhat forgotten, but the beauty of the nature remains.

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