Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Arrangements" exhibit

October 9, 2009 – Creative Spirit Art Gallery and the Harwood Watson Dance Studio will host an opening reception for “Arrangements,” an exhibition featuring the works of Karen Carasik, Mirjana Cesar, and Marcos Cruz. Creative Spirit Art Gallery is located at 820A Lake Baldwin Lane in Baldwin Park, Florida. The reception will begin at 6pm and end at 9pm and is free.

“This is an exciting show for me,” commented curator Brad Biggs, “because these three talented local artists will be interpreting the beauty of nature as expressed through precious stones and flowers , and this show will take this traditional subject to the next level.” Gems have great symbolic qualities throughout our culture, and when used in art they communicate emotional and spiritual content.

Karen Carasik, a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, paints abstract canvases using social commentary and other thoughtful content as the basis for much of her work. She describes her work as “content-driven abstracts, which have an analytical component,” and she is creating all new paintings for this show. Ms. Carasik has exhibited regionally, and is the director of Comma Gallery in Orlando.

Mirjana Cesar, a native of Croatia, studied furniture design at the University of Zagreb, and her approach to art integrates her love of furniture with the natural beauty of flowers and other organic forms. She paints on nontraditional mediums such as burlap. “I chose to work with burlap rather than canvas,” she states, “because of its natural look, its innate organic roughness, and its receptivity to specific techniques I use.”

Marcos Cruz, a native of Spain, studied art both there and in Puerto Rico, and brings a fresh, Caribbean sensibility to his art. Working with stainless steel and thin lacquer stains, he etches the steel panels with patterns and occasional references to Western science, and then applies intensely colorful stains to them. “I am an optimistic humanist,” reports Mr. Cruz, “and I believe there are solutions waiting to be discovered. Our job is to find them.”