Monday, December 27, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A beautiful thought on a lonely December night

There was so little to say
when their love was gone
departed with the last tram
and she was left alone
standing on the tram station
surrounded by noisy strangers
walking and disappearing
in the silent deaf night

Shivering cold
surrounded her heart
traveling to her frail limbs
taking over
her abandoned soul

Snowflakes falling
on her frozen face
revoking memories
of the previous winter
when they met at the same spot
for the first time
under the street light
both waiting for the tram

He approached her with a smile
and next thing she knew
they were running and laughing
dancing with the falling snow
melting snowflakes on their lips

Their love lasted
for four seasons
and ended abruptly
unexpectedly and sudden
at the same spot it started
with a thought that lingered
in her startled mind:
maybe I just imagined it all
maybe he was just a shadow
a beautiful thought
on a lonely December night

© Mirjana Cesar

Sunday, December 19, 2010

One misty morning

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rainy day thoughts

It's raining today, and it looks like it will continue all day. I'm listening to the steady rhythm of the raindrops drumming on the wide leaves of the Bird of paradise outside of my window. It would be great to grab a good book, and spend the morning curled up in my bed.

The kids are home for winter break. That makes me happy. The house is much more joyful when they're home. I'm so thankful to be surrounded with well behaved teenagers that don't argue or slam the doors. They always get along, and look out for each other. I hope that bond will follow them through life wherever they end up living.
They celebrated  last day of school yesterday, having a friend over, playing video games, laughing and staying up very late watching movies. My oldest daughter said to me: "Don't be surprised if I sleep in all day tomorrow. I just want to stay in bed all day."
I don't blame her, she needs a good rest after getting up every morning at 6.

Otherwise, am I ready for the holidays? The answer is a big NO. The only thing we did so far is decorate the Christmas tree. So, this week will be hectic. The house needs lots of organizing and cleaning. My studio especially. It's a mess, and I'm actually looking forward to dealing with that part. Every time I clean up my studio, something old is new again when I find that it sparks some new idea. It is also the time for me to reflect on what I have done so far and in which direction I'll be heading next year regarding my artwork. There are many ideas brewing in my head, but I'll have to make a good decision on what to get involved with first, and what to put on the "sometime in the future" shelf in my mind.

 We'll be having guests, a day after Christmas,  a couple from Croatia we haven't seen for ten years and a few other Croatian friends that live here in Florida. They'll be staying over here for a few days. That's another good reason for making this place presentable.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Juliana wore gray and danced with the wind

After curating my last treasury on Etsy yesterday and naming it so poetic, I woke up this morning and had to write a poem about it:

Juliana wore all gray
that hazy winter day I met her
on that old Golden Lane
with a sketch book
in her pale hands

Her chilled long fingers
adorned by chunky 
labradorite silver rings
moved deliriously quickly
over the ivory pages
drawing the lines
scribbling little notes
when our eyes met
she smiled humbly
under her floppy wool 
wide brimmed hat

She said ahoy and I said hi
we walked  all day
on the streets around the Castle
she danced with the wind
telling me about the story she wrote
"Ophelia's Going Mad Again" 
she talked about the history and art
that she wanted to do
when she's done with college
why she wore a locket
with her grandmother's photo

She departed in smoky dusk
waltzing down the street
towards Vltava River 
leaving in my hands 
a gray felted flower corsage
and a torn page with a sketch
titled, "Shadows of Prague"

I watched her silhouette 
disappear forever
knowing I'll never meet again
Juliana who wore gray
and danced with the wind

© Mirjana Cesar

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Sale

Etsy shop:
Artfire shop:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sunshine yellow on a cold, cold day

Today is cold, very cold for Orlando. Temperatures dipped all the way down to 35°F ( 3°C ), and no, it's not a record low.

My oldest daughter is mad because it's sunny and the wind is so brutal, but there is no chance of having snow here. She said, why we have to go through this cold snap and not to be able to see snow.

My husband  is mad because this means that our big travelers palms will freeze. They're just too big for us to be able to cover them. They suffer every colder winter. Last year we lost one, others recovered.

It's a little bit strange seeing all this abundant sunshine with not one cloud in the sky, and being so cold. Well, at least it's one of those rare days when we actually dig deep in closets and search for gloves, scarves, hats, boots and jackets. And I do love this, since I'm a fan of layered clothing. So bring it on.

Here I am, with a cup of warm tea, curating another Etsy Treasury. This is how Florida winter feels to me; yellow and vibrant. Enjoy.

The Treasury is featuring my yellow necklace:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Silver night

Silver night
spreading its wings
a watchful moon
in all its glory

Whispers on your
as you hold me
in your arms

Love divine
singing softly
gypsy violins
in the distance

© Mirjana Cesar

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The wind

Whistling wind came
from the north
singing old songs
waking me up this morning
with remembrance
of another country
 a long time ago
of another love
a long time ago

I learned back then
how a heart
can be broken
in an instant
how cruel
the day can be
taking away love
taking away everything
you have

The winds
were whistling
from the north
crying, wild, full of rage
whipping my lost soul
standing by his grave
with dried tears
on my cold, numb cheeks
grasping in my hand
the last red carnation
to be thrown
on his coffin

The winds
from the north
followed me for days
many hopeless days
in my gray mourning
in my pitiful sorrow
it seemed
they'll never go away

The winds
departed one spring
my soul mended
my heart warmed
by cheerful singing
of young birds
my youth
regained the strength
to smile again

Twenty three years
 passed away
twenty three winters
winds from the north
and reminding me

life is short
keep on loving
each and every day

© Mirjana Cesar

In memory of my first husband Zeljko, who died in 1987  from cancer


Jutros me probudio
zvizduk vjetra sa sjevera
prisjecajuci me
svojom starom melodijom
na neku drugu zemlju
na jednu ljubav
jednom davno

Ja naucih tada
kako srce
moze biti slomljeno
u kobnom trenutku
kako u jednom okrutnom danu
moze biti oduzeta ljubav
i sve sto je vazno

Vjetar sa sjevera
je vristao, plakao
divlji, pun bijesa
bicujuci moju
izgubljenu dusu
sa suzama osusenim
na hladnim, otupjelim obrazima
dok stojeci pored njegova groba
stezah u ruci
posljednji crveni karanfil
kojeg polozih na
njegov lijes

Vjetrovi sa sjevera
pratili su me danima
bezbrojnim danima bez nade
u mojoj sivoj zalosti
u mojoj bolnoj tuzi
izgledajuci tada
kao da me nikad
nece napustiti

Vjetrovi su
otisli jednog proljeca
moja dusa bijese ozdravljena
radosnom pjesmom
mladih ptica
moje srce ugrijano
moja mladost
povracena uz osmjeh

Dvadeset i tri godine
su protekle od tad
dvadeset i tri zime
sa zvizdukom vjetrova sa sjevera
podsjecajuci me


zivot je kratak
treba voljeti
svaki novi dan

© Mirjana Cesar

Posveceno mom prvom muzu Zeljku Racanu

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fiber arts and vintage stamps

I made a small series of fiber art necklaces, featuring European vintage stamps. I've  always loved collecting stamps, and I do have a great collection from many countries. I'm afraid that in the future, the usage of stamps will disappear slowly from everyday life. I'm not a big fan of self-sticking ones, too.
These little miniature pieces of art deserve more attention than they do get. Many things can be learned about countries just by looking at their stamps. 
Although postal services existed even a century or two BC,  postage stamps were first introduced in the United Kingdom and Ireland on May 1, 1840. The first official US stamps came out in 1847. 

It's fun using them in mixed media and giving them a new life. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Still as the night

Just finished a custom ordered choker for my artist friend Miriam. Last year I made her a similar cuff.

As I was getting ready to take pictures of the choker, I opened some antique music sheets and what caught my eye was the title "Still as the night"... how appropriate, I thought. Curious to find some reference to the song, I researched a little bit about it and found out that it was written by Carl Bohm. He is regarded as one of the leading German songwriters of the 19th century.

Here is a very nice version of the original song in German:

"As quiet as the night and deep as the sea, your love should be!
If you love me the same as I love you, I want to be yours.
As hot as steel and as firm as a rock, your love should be !

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Sale

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ACEO Giveaway!

This giveaway is open to US and Internationally and the winner will be choosen by random number generator on November 22nd.

This is an original mixed media ACEO.
Size: 3,5 x 2,5 inch.

"R" is a part of series of ACEO's with monogram themes, created in June 2009.
Signed in the lower right corner.

Prismacolor Marker drawing on a fine-textured transparent Canson tracing paper mounted over recycled phone book page on Strathmore acid free 300 Bristol paper 100 lb, painted with acrylic. Embellished with Croatian postal stamp and markers.

Stamp is commemorating 900 years of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Zagreb, founded in 1093.

Signed and dated by me on the back.

Become a follower of my blog,  and leave a comment about it. (Please be sure to leave me an email where I can reach you if your account doesn't link to one.)
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Good luck!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Black forest

I love being in forests. Through the years that I lived in Croatia I went hiking, mushroom searching, chestnut picking  or just picnicking with friends many times. Croatia is a small country but the diversity  of the different types of forests there is amazing.
From the mountains covered with beech and fir trees, to the rocky slopes at the Adriatic Sea covered with pines and evergreen oaks, to the ancient eastern plains with their giant oaks.  
One of my favorite places is Plitvice National Park. The beauty of that place is astonishing. Sixteen lakes are inter-connected by a series of waterfalls, and it's set in a deep woodland  covering a total area of more than 200 square miles. 

Another beautiful forest that always comes back to my mind is Schwatzwald or The Black Forest. I remember visiting it for the first time when I was a teenager. The forest was so enchanting with pines and firs growing so dense that even in the daytime some areas are very dark. Mornings are beautiful with fog like a blanket spread out low over the ferns. There are also some interesting castles, palaces and ruins in the Black Forest with some rich mythological traditions. Through the years I visited it a few times, since my aunt lives in the city of Pforzheim at the gate to the forest. 

The Black Forest was my inspiration for a few black free form peyote stitch necklaces I designed.


A few years ago I visited my friend in Portland Oregon. She took me to the Mt. Hood National Forest, and it reminded me of the Black Forest.  It was mid October, and many people were hiking on the trails. One of the memories of our hiking was coming upon this tall, narrow waterfall, and right there at the bottom was a nature photographer standing on the rocks in an icy cold water  with his bare feet,  jeans all rolled up, taking his perfect shots. I shivered looking at him, bundled in my jacket, but he didn't flinch; deeply concentrated, passionate  and immersed in the beauty that surrounded him.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Floral fantasy II

Acrylic painted paper collage over burlap on wood panel 2 3/4" deep

The inspiration for this painting was found in crewel embroideries. That ancient free form style of embroidery is my favorite.  Shapes are so free and fairy taleish, and perfect for exploring.
The hardest part was  cutting the shapes out of the paper, and then gluing them to the already painted burlap background. Painting it was really fun. I'm planing to continue the series.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blue field (working title)

I'm close to finishing a 36x48 blue field. Have been working on it for a while, on a side track.
Trying to stay away from the usual overabundance of red and green colors in my artwork.
It's time consuming to do my mixed media fields.


The flowers and grass are cut out of fabric, a layer of gesso is applied, then painted with acrylic. Then they're assembled on the painted background, glued and sewn through, adding wood beads and yarns. I use pretty sharp leather needles to pierce through all the layers. It takes time, but it's worth it.


On the other hand Halloween is around the corner, and I'm sewing a long mysterious velvet cloak for my younger daughter.  She's going to be a masquerader, inspired by the Phantom of the Opera, and the rest of us will be dressed as an unruly bunch of pirates.  (If there won't be a bounty on this ship, I'll try to snap some photos and post them here on Sunday before we disperse through the neighborhood in search of some loot).   

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An interview with the artist / plastic surgeon Saulius Jankauskas, MD

      I've known Saulius for a few years now. We met at an Orlando art show. He's a great guy with a broad smile, a warm personality and a wonderful sense of humor. The themes of his glass art range from mystical faces,  the four seasons,  flowers and plants, and they're all equally beautiful and fascinating. Photographed images simply don't do them justice, you need to see them in person, to appreciate all of the tiniest details  emerging through the thickness of the glass.

Tell me about yourself.

Saulius Jankauskas, MD.
Born in Detroit, MI to Lithuanian parents who were forced to run from their homeland because of the Soviet occupation of Lithuania.  I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with my practice in Longwood, FL.  Have been working with hot glass since 1996.

What is your opinion of arts education? Is an artist born or made - or both?

Arts education, like all disciplines, has an integral part in the shaping of young people.  It teaches and gives them the ability to be creative, which translates in to all fields and disciplines.  I also work at Unique Glass Colors, , as the research and development person. Creativity, allows me to develop new products and come up with unique answers to existing problems.  Also, as a Plastic Surgeon – the ability to think creatively helps me find solutions to sometimes complex and unusual problems.

I believe and artist is born and made.  We all come out of the womb new and clean, with certain tendencies, likes and abilities.  When these abilities are nurtured and developed they come to fruition.  I believe we all are born with creative abilities.

What work do you most enjoying doing?

I have always enjoyed working with my hands and in undergraduate school delved more intensely into ceramics.  Over time I found myself more interested in the glazing of the piece than the construction.  Then it dawned on me, that if I were to work in hot glass – that would be the glazing without the clay. Eureka, I can cut out the “middle man” and go for the creation using the glaze – the glass!

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

Working with and “on” people is absolutely my first love.  Helping people either through reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery is really gratifying to me.  What is interesting is the similarity that both processes - surgery and hot glass, have with each other.  In surgery, working with human tissues, you have to have the ability to know how certain tissues react in the healing process over time.  So, sometimes you have to over-correct or under-correct or just correct to get the great final result -  knowing that in the healing process the tissues will change.  The healing time for the glass is the time it spends in the kiln.  So, like human tissue, you have to over-correct, under-correct or just correct to get the final result you are trying to achieve.
When people ask me what my primary medium is, I like to answer “human flesh” – which is true and it leads to some interesting responses!

What inspires you?

Many things inspire my creations, but my main muses are poetry and spirituality/religion.

What research do you do?

I’m constantly doing research or almost everything I do.  New information, techniques, applications.  Life becomes stagnant and festers (to paraphrase  a line from the Addams Family “My name is Fester – you know like to rot”)  if you don’t create or learn.

Name something you love, and why.

I absolutely love to sit outside on a warm day with a nice breeze, taking in the smells of freshly mowed grass and letting my mind wander through the realm of prayer.

Name something you don’t love, and why.
Not many things get me angry, however people espousing absolutes (not including the vodka), and extremes to suite their own purpose and injustices, can really get me going.

Favorite writer, favorite song, favorite inspiration ?

My favorite authors change, currently a classic Lithuanian author – Satrijos Ragana.  My standby favorite is  F. Kafka.
Favorite song: “Love song to a Stranger” by Joan Baez.

Where can one view your work online?

Some of my works can be viewed on my Facebook page and on the Unique Glass Colors web page:  Working on a separate web page also...


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time for the fair

Time for the Fair 
by Raymond A. Foss
The cold in the air
reminds me of the country fair
the candied apple,
the hot burnt sausage sub
the smell of wet hay,
the warm touch of a cow’s side
the shriek of the roosters,
the squeal of the pigs,
Men with canes urging the oxen
to drag the sled farther
weight added as the stakes rise
kids running from ride to ride,
teens sneaking off
the races after twilight
the craft booths,
the giant pumpkin, squash,
the pies and paintings,
with sash and ribbon
pride of the makers
for all to see


Our friends invited us to go with them to the Fall Festival at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Orlando. We hadn't gone to any of the local theme parks for a long time, so the kids had a blast.

   I have to admit that I wasn't  crazy about going there, but seeing all the laughter and smiles on my kids faces as they ran from the ride to the ride made it worth the effort.

   My kids live quite a different lives than what my husband and I lived. They don't roam around the neighborhood freely playing with friends, mainly because living in a subdivision and there is not much common grounds for playing. Their world is wrapped in video games, talking to their friends (they met online) on Skype.

   Last couple of visits to Croatia they got a taste of our childhood and they loved it. Their grandparents live on the outskirts of the capital city and there is plenty of gardens, meadows and woods to explore and get adventurous.



Watching them enjoying the spinning rides made me think how some things never change. Ferris wheels, Pirate Ship, Bumper cars and similar rides are about a century old and kids still enjoy them as they did when they were introduced.
    Cotton candy has been around since the 1400s and kids still like it. Popcorn and caramelized apples too.


   The most fun is just being surrounded by their  friends and enjoying all the same stuff like kids from a century ago, when they didn't have any other form of entertainment, and a hoop and a stick  were enough for hours of playing.