Monday, February 15, 2010

Wedding on the beach V

A free form peyote stitch necklace with mother of pearl buttons, fresh water pearls, glass beads, crystal beads, a silver plated component and seed beads 17"

I'm a romantic soul and I often feel that I should have lived some time ago, a century or two earlier, when clothing and jewelry were custom made by artisans and professional dressmakers.
I admire handmade, original clothing and jewelry, and since my teenage age when I started sewing and jewelry making I loved the fact that I was wearing my own original designs. I didn't feel the need to follow fashion trends and wear what others were wearing. I needed this self inflicted  rebellion to channel my creative energy, and I'm still traveling that road today. 


  1. very beautiful. i am in love with all of your collars too!

  2. Thank you Helen, I like your artwork :)

  3. Beautiful! I love the free form look and the variety of buttons, beads and pearls is stunning.