Saturday, April 17, 2010

Geranium, Morning Beauty and Wild Lupine III

I had a good piece of vintage lace. It was my mother's blouse from the 60's, and back then, I wore it in my disco era of the late 70's, and early 80's. The blouse was white, sleeveless, and very romantic. I remember wearing it to my high school prom.
After so many years of being stored in the closet, I finally decided to up-cycle it and give it a new life. I dyed it, and now I'm using it in my cuffs, necklaces and other fiber arts. It is a perfect companion for my Wild Lupine III bracelet:


  1. Mirjana, Lovely work. The pieces I've seen in your Etsy store made me think how your necklaces and bracelets must complement, no, complete a gown, dress, outfit.