Sunday, May 16, 2010

Midsummer night dream

Saving every piece of fabric, doesn't matter how small, results in making pieces like this.
There is an unpredictable element when I hand dye all these different pieces of fabric in the same dye bath. When the process is done,  I have all these variegated shades of one color.
I let the shapes of scraps lead me towards the final design. They manage to connect in perfect puzzle. I assemble them in layers, sewing and hand embroidering in between.


  1. Iove the finished product! I did not realize you also had an online store. If you collect fabrics, I will save mine for you. I sew from time to time and never know what to do with the remnants or scraps.

  2. Mirjana, The front of the book looks lovely, but the unfolded cover shows your artistry, lovely composition.

  3. What a gorgeous way to use leftover materials!