Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something blue sash, headpiece

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.
The "something blue" is like this sash or headpiece I created this summer.  It's a fabric collage with different kinds of fabric, embellished with peyote stitched beads, embroidery threads and acrylic yarn.

On the other hand this week I'm feeling a little bit blue. My kids are back to school and I do miss them. Suddenly, I find myself in a too quiet house, after a whole summer surrounded with their noises. Yes, with them around I had less time in my studio, and it does seem like I have spent half of my time just in the kitchen cooking and serving their hungry appetites. But I love cooking, so it was time well spent.
This year they have three different schedules since they're in three different schools, and this week has been hard to adjust to. My oldest one is a freshmen in high school and has to wake up quite early, before 6 am. Since she's a vegetarian, I have to wake up too, and make her lunch. That also means changing my usual late night working in studio routine and going to bed about 3 hours earlier. Everything is shifting, and result is that  this week we're really sleepy and cranky.   
I'm actually looking forward to these new hours, change might be good to break the monotonous routine, and bring a boost to my productivity.


  1. Such a pretty piece Mirjana! The blues are so gorgeous. So sorry you're blue this week, I hope the new schedule settles in quickly with everyone for this new school year. Maybe the quiet days are ment for your new creative time. I hope all goes well.

    xoxo, Jacque :)

  2. Thanks Jacque. We conquered the first week.
    Next one should be much better. Monday is set for reorganizing studio. That means some forgotten materials resurfacing, and boosting new ideas.