Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Willow Manor Ball

Do you hear the music?

Come closer, walk with me, passing the  Lilac bushes, Hydrangeas, turning to the path around the fountain that leads to the wide stone stairway. Let's stop for the moment mesmerized with images of glamorous event taking place.

It's the Third Annual Willow Manor Ball in it's full splendor. 

I'm attending with my good friend Edith Piaf. Come and join us.


  1. Ah, I thought I heard Edith Piaf laughing over near the stairway! A magical hush filled the room when she finished La Vie En Rose.

  2. I'll try to persuade her to sing "Non, je ne regrette rien" by the end of the evening.

  3. How very appropriate for Willow's night of nights, the incomparable Ms. Piaf.

    You look lovely, enjoy!

  4. Beautiful voice so happy she of the highlights of the night...bkm

  5. Her voice was amazing to hear at the ball, and you looked amazing! What a night it was! :-)

  6. Edith is on her flight back to Paris. Oh, how I wish I could join her, and mingle with all those painters around the Notre Dame. Instead, I'll just stay in my studio today with paint on my fingers, untamed hair and rewind the memories of last night.