Monday, November 29, 2010

Still as the night

Just finished a custom ordered choker for my artist friend Miriam. Last year I made her a similar cuff.

As I was getting ready to take pictures of the choker, I opened some antique music sheets and what caught my eye was the title "Still as the night"... how appropriate, I thought. Curious to find some reference to the song, I researched a little bit about it and found out that it was written by Carl Bohm. He is regarded as one of the leading German songwriters of the 19th century.

Here is a very nice version of the original song in German:

"As quiet as the night and deep as the sea, your love should be!
If you love me the same as I love you, I want to be yours.
As hot as steel and as firm as a rock, your love should be !
Love, what would we do without it?

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