Thursday, December 23, 2010

A beautiful thought on a lonely December night

There was so little to say
when their love was gone
departed with the last tram
and she was left alone
standing on the tram station
surrounded by noisy strangers
walking and disappearing
in the silent deaf night

Shivering cold
surrounded her heart
traveling to her frail limbs
taking over
her abandoned soul

Snowflakes falling
on her frozen face
revoking memories
of the previous winter
when they met at the same spot
for the first time
under the street light
both waiting for the tram

He approached her with a smile
and next thing she knew
they were running and laughing
dancing with the falling snow
melting snowflakes on their lips

Their love lasted
for four seasons
and ended abruptly
unexpectedly and sudden
at the same spot it started
with a thought that lingered
in her startled mind:
maybe I just imagined it all
maybe he was just a shadow
a beautiful thought
on a lonely December night

© Mirjana Cesar

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