Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fall memories

Yes, I know it's a middle of the summer, but I got this idea about a fall collection. I live in Florida,  and of course here one can be totally oblivious towards changing seasons. Actually we have only two seasons. The summer season starts as early as March and lasts till October, sometimes even well into November. Whatever is left, those three or four months of Florida winter are the best months to live here.
    I lived in Croatia until I was 28. I really don't miss Croatian winters. All the snow shoveling, frozen sidewalks, brutal northern winds. Occasionally being sprayed by a  dirty splash of melting snow when a passing car hits a puddle on the road, and you're dressed up nicely going to a date. But I miss Fall and Spring. Strolling through the city parks in the foggy Fall mornings with paths covered by little pileups of dry leaves. Noble quietness of the trees preparing for their sleep.
    Fall was my favorite from the fashion point of view. One can finally wear layered clothing, sweaters and scarves. I loved knitting and Fall was the showcase for all of my new designs.
    These leaf brooches and the necklace are little mementos to my past life in Croatia.