Sunday, October 10, 2010

Forest in Fall

 Here are two of my newest seasonal mixed media necklaces celebrating Fall. I used a great variety of beads utilizing a free form peyote stitch and incorporating something new this time, little flowers made with silk and felt.

I  wrote before about how much I miss seasonal changes living here in Florida, but I'm grateful for not dealing with cold weather. Here it's kind of easy to forget that four seasons exist. (And I honestly think that they should change the name of the "Four Seasons" Restaurant to "Two Seasons", because it would be more appropriate.)

A few years ago while my husband was working at Blue Sky Studios in New York on the animated movie "Robots" kids and I  visited him. It was October, and quite cold for my Floridian born kids. It was like a new undiscovered world for them. They loved seeing the changes in the nature. Strolling around the Bronx Zoo they collected all kinds of Fall foliage, (some of those leaves are still lingering around the house).

Driving around Westchester County through the beautiful subdivisions with enchanting Tudor houses, they expected creatures from Harry Potter movies to show up.

They're all growing up and in few years they'll be College bound, possibly moving away from Florida. And right there will be my new chance to visit them and  once again enjoy the seasons changing.