Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time for the fair

Time for the Fair 
by Raymond A. Foss
The cold in the air
reminds me of the country fair
the candied apple,
the hot burnt sausage sub
the smell of wet hay,
the warm touch of a cow’s side
the shriek of the roosters,
the squeal of the pigs,
Men with canes urging the oxen
to drag the sled farther
weight added as the stakes rise
kids running from ride to ride,
teens sneaking off
the races after twilight
the craft booths,
the giant pumpkin, squash,
the pies and paintings,
with sash and ribbon
pride of the makers
for all to see


Our friends invited us to go with them to the Fall Festival at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Orlando. We hadn't gone to any of the local theme parks for a long time, so the kids had a blast.

   I have to admit that I wasn't  crazy about going there, but seeing all the laughter and smiles on my kids faces as they ran from the ride to the ride made it worth the effort.

   My kids live quite a different lives than what my husband and I lived. They don't roam around the neighborhood freely playing with friends, mainly because living in a subdivision and there is not much common grounds for playing. Their world is wrapped in video games, talking to their friends (they met online) on Skype.

   Last couple of visits to Croatia they got a taste of our childhood and they loved it. Their grandparents live on the outskirts of the capital city and there is plenty of gardens, meadows and woods to explore and get adventurous.



Watching them enjoying the spinning rides made me think how some things never change. Ferris wheels, Pirate Ship, Bumper cars and similar rides are about a century old and kids still enjoy them as they did when they were introduced.
    Cotton candy has been around since the 1400s and kids still like it. Popcorn and caramelized apples too.


   The most fun is just being surrounded by their  friends and enjoying all the same stuff like kids from a century ago, when they didn't have any other form of entertainment, and a hoop and a stick  were enough for hours of playing.