Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blue field (working title)

I'm close to finishing a 36x48 blue field. Have been working on it for a while, on a side track.
Trying to stay away from the usual overabundance of red and green colors in my artwork.
It's time consuming to do my mixed media fields.


The flowers and grass are cut out of fabric, a layer of gesso is applied, then painted with acrylic. Then they're assembled on the painted background, glued and sewn through, adding wood beads and yarns. I use pretty sharp leather needles to pierce through all the layers. It takes time, but it's worth it.


On the other hand Halloween is around the corner, and I'm sewing a long mysterious velvet cloak for my younger daughter.  She's going to be a masquerader, inspired by the Phantom of the Opera, and the rest of us will be dressed as an unruly bunch of pirates.  (If there won't be a bounty on this ship, I'll try to snap some photos and post them here on Sunday before we disperse through the neighborhood in search of some loot).