Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sunshine yellow on a cold, cold day


Today is cold, very cold for Orlando. Temperatures dipped all the way down to 35°F ( 3°C ), and no, it's not a record low.

My oldest daughter is mad because it's sunny and the wind is so brutal, but there is no chance of having snow here. She said, why we have to go through this cold snap and not to be able to see snow.

My husband  is mad because this means that our big travelers palms will freeze. They're just too big for us to be able to cover them. They suffer every colder winter. Last year we lost one, others recovered.

It's a little bit strange seeing all this abundant sunshine with not one cloud in the sky, and being so cold. Well, at least it's one of those rare days when we actually dig deep in closets and search for gloves, scarves, hats, boots and jackets. And I do love this, since I'm a fan of layered clothing. So bring it on.

Here I am, with a cup of warm tea, curating another Etsy Treasury. This is how Florida winter feels to me; yellow and vibrant. Enjoy.

The Treasury is featuring my yellow necklace: