Saturday, December 11, 2010

Juliana wore gray and danced with the wind

After curating my last treasury on Etsy yesterday and naming it so poetic, I woke up this morning and had to write a poem about it:

Juliana wore all gray
that hazy winter day I met her
on that old Golden Lane
with a sketch book
in her pale hands

Her chilled long fingers
adorned by chunky 
labradorite silver rings
moved deliriously quickly
over the ivory pages
drawing the lines
scribbling little notes
when our eyes met
she smiled humbly
under her floppy wool 
wide brimmed hat

She said ahoy and I said hi
we walked  all day
on the streets around the Castle
she danced with the wind
telling me about the story she wrote
"Ophelia's Going Mad Again" 
she talked about the history and art
that she wanted to do
when she's done with college
why she wore a locket
with her grandmother's photo

She departed in smoky dusk
waltzing down the street
towards Vltava River 
leaving in my hands 
a gray felted flower corsage
and a torn page with a sketch
titled, "Shadows of Prague"

I watched her silhouette 
disappear forever
knowing I'll never meet again
Juliana who wore gray
and danced with the wind

© Mirjana Cesar