Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rainy day thoughts

It's raining today, and it looks like it will continue all day. I'm listening to the steady rhythm of the raindrops drumming on the wide leaves of the Bird of paradise outside of my window. It would be great to grab a good book, and spend the morning curled up in my bed.

The kids are home for winter break. That makes me happy. The house is much more joyful when they're home. I'm so thankful to be surrounded with well behaved teenagers that don't argue or slam the doors. They always get along, and look out for each other. I hope that bond will follow them through life wherever they end up living.
They celebrated  last day of school yesterday, having a friend over, playing video games, laughing and staying up very late watching movies. My oldest daughter said to me: "Don't be surprised if I sleep in all day tomorrow. I just want to stay in bed all day."
I don't blame her, she needs a good rest after getting up every morning at 6.

Otherwise, am I ready for the holidays? The answer is a big NO. The only thing we did so far is decorate the Christmas tree. So, this week will be hectic. The house needs lots of organizing and cleaning. My studio especially. It's a mess, and I'm actually looking forward to dealing with that part. Every time I clean up my studio, something old is new again when I find that it sparks some new idea. It is also the time for me to reflect on what I have done so far and in which direction I'll be heading next year regarding my artwork. There are many ideas brewing in my head, but I'll have to make a good decision on what to get involved with first, and what to put on the "sometime in the future" shelf in my mind.

 We'll be having guests, a day after Christmas,  a couple from Croatia we haven't seen for ten years and a few other Croatian friends that live here in Florida. They'll be staying over here for a few days. That's another good reason for making this place presentable.