Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Botanical inspiration

I have an old book from the 60's titled "The Art Of Crewel Embroidery", and a couple of other books with botanical drawings. They are a great inspiration for me. My new series of botanical paintings is exploring this theme. These two paintings are going to be featured in my next exhibit at the end of this week. They're done on wood panels, with acrylic paint and marker.

I'm also an enthusiastic user  of herbal teas and remedies. I do have a good knowledge of what herbs to use for specific problems. My kids are always joking that my answer for whatever hurts is to use some tea tree oil as a remedy. They even made up some cute rhymes about it.

My memories of delicate wild flowers always take me back to my youth in Croatia, where I would often find myself roaming the meadows, playing with other kids. I grew up in the outskirt of the city within a walking distance from the national park. Even back then as a kid I was fascinated by the variety of plants, field flowers, all the gifts that nature was offering. Spring was my favorite time for exploration. The beauty of tiny spring flowers sprouting between patches of the melted snow. Delicate white petals of Snowdrops, purple Violets or whole patches of bluish Saffron flowers I remember well. It was truly enlightening to be surrounded by all that delightful splendor.





  1. The new pieces are great Mirijana. I used to do crewel work. The photos of the flowers are lovely as well--your garden? Good luck on your show this weekend!

  2. Thank you Gail. Crewel embroidery is one of my favorite embroideries. I wish I have these flowers in my garden, although I doubt they would grow in Florida.

  3. Great pieces. Keep up the good work!

  4. What a wonderful post, dear Mirjana!
    Your art is wonderful! Beautiful colors too!
    So, if I have some health problems, can I ask you for some remedies?:)
    I'm interested in alternative medicines too, but I'm not very educated in the field of herbs.
    Lots of success with your exhibit!

  5. Thank you Mercedes!
    I'll be happy to help if I can regarding herbs. For many common illnesses they are wonderful alternatives to those over the counter medications so common today. There is so much knowledge about healing properties of herbs, collected through the centuries of usage, and yet they're easily pushed aside and replaced by pills.
    Thanks for well wishes for the exhibit :)

  6. Found you through Linked In. Your paintings are wonderful. I'm partial to flowers and nature myself, and I've seen this come through in my art and jewelry making as well.

  7. Thank you Gayle. Nice to meet another nature inspired artist painting and making jewelry too.
    I really like your artwork and your jewelry designs are exquisite :)