Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My studio

My studio is a mess. It seems I used up all the space on my 8' x 4' table and things are ready to fall over the edge. I'm working full force on two series of smaller paintings on wood panels, and the table is filled with finished and unfinished pieces. I'm promising myself that one morning when I won't feel like painting, things will be organized.

Next week I'm helping my friend who's going to the Nude Nite Event for a few days in Tampa. I'll be sitting for him in his Gallery. Coincidentally my cousin from Germany is coming the same week to New York for a business trip, and then flying to Florida to stay with me and my family.  I can't say no to my good friend, so I'll have to juggle being in the Gallery and having a guest at home.

My husband is joking that having a guest is always the best motivation for me to clean the house and understandably my studio, since it's in the loft area and so exposed to views even from downstairs.

Many times I wished to have a room with a door, so nobody will have to peek in my world if I chose to.  We always think that the grass is greener on the other side, and when I really think of it I'm quite happy with my loft studio, and all the natural light I get there since it's so open. (No northern side window unfortunately, instead of west and east windows) Another great thing is that I can always hear my kids downstairs, and even when I'm upstairs painting I still feel like I'm surrounded by them. Their funny conversations, violin practices, their teasing of our dog, their small arguments.

So for all of those that come to my house, pardon my mess, there is work in progress and the life of a family of five happening here.


  1. Your studio looks a wonderful space, i know exactly waht you mean about it being lovely to hear you children even when you are in the studio, i feel exactly the same and love it when they pop in for a chat too. It's so hard to keep things "tidy" when in mid creative flow isn't it!

  2. Thank you Ruthie. Yes, it's hard to keep it tidy in the studio. Once in a while when I clean it and organize it, I always find something that I forgot I have, surprise... Few days after it's back to it's normal messy and functioning state.