Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blue field

This piece was on a side burner for a quite some time, as I worked on another series of paintings. I finally finished it last month, and now it's available for purchase at Wasburn Imports in Orlando. It belongs to the series of my bigger mixed media fields, size 36"x48". It was the first blue themed field, after many reds and purples. The first few years of my artistic adventures I avoided blue colors. My artwork was evolving around red shades, and then in this last year or two I impulsively decided to use blues too. And I love it! I'm really happy with how this field  turned out.  

I really didn't think about any symbolism when I got the idea for this artwork.
Going back in history the Blue Flower is considered the central symbol of Romanticism, emblem of love, desire and impossible longing. It was a movement that originated in the second half of the 18th century in Europe, partly as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution.

The Blue Flower was used as a symbol by many writers and poets of that time:
The Blue Flower
by Joseph von Eichendorff

I'm looking for the flower,
I seek and never find them,
I dream that in the flower
My good fortune to me blooms.

I wander with my harp
By countries, cities and Au'n,
Whether nowhere in the Round
Schaun to the flower.

I wander since long
Have long hoped to familiar
But alas, I have never yet
The blue looked Blum.

And to go back to more recent times, here is another poem by the contemporary American poet:

Words to Accompany a Bunch of Cornflowers
by Bibbsons Ruark

Those beads of lapis, even the classical
Blues of dawn, are dimmed by comparison.
When I hand you this bunch of cornflowers
The only other color in the room
Illumines your eyes as you arrange them.

They are the blue reflection of whatever
Moves in you, serene as cool water tipped
Into crystal, oddly enough the willing bride
To a cloudy head of melancholy
So deeply blue it could prove musical.

This is the blue John Lee Hooker’s gravelly
Voice in the sundown field was looking for.
This is the unrequited dream of an iris.
Ice blue, spruce blue, little periwinkle blue—
Nothing else that dies is exactly so blue.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful Mirjana--it will sell in a heartbeat because blue is the most favorite color of many--after all the sky is blue...

    Can't say enough how much I love it.

  2. Thank you Gail, I appreciate it :)

  3. I love that a lot! Well, blue is my fave color! :) The lapis is my fave stone. Very nice poem!

  4. Thanks Maria. I like lapis too, and I used it in some of my beaded necklaces. It gives a nice touch.