Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brown fantasies

Going back and forth between painting, fiber arts and jewelry making. That's a good description of my working week in studio. There are always ongoing projects around me, and it really works fine for me. Through the years I really learned to follow my guts, and pause if I'm not sure where I'm going with whatever I'm working on. Occasionally, it happens that I don't paint for a week or two because I get involved with a series of fiber arts that I can't drop and leave alone, or vice versa. 

I love up-cycling fabrics in my fiber arts. It just brings me a deep satisfaction knowing that nothing is thrown away. These art pouches are result of that. Each fabric scrap has a memory  of its own, and combined with  other pieces becomes a whole new piece ready to make a whole set of new memories in its new life.

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