Monday, April 11, 2011

A weekend reunion

I'm tired today, and it's funny, because I didn't do anything this weekend except relaxing. We spent the weekend at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress at Lake Buena Vista. We attended a 15 year old birthday party/reunion. It has become a sort of a tradition, organized by our friends. It involved five families and 12 children. We met 12 years ago when our firstborns started Montessori Preschool together.

Through the years new siblings were added to the group, and followed their footsteps. It's amazing to see how they're all more and more grown up, year after year. They've known each other since almost toddler age. After Montessori they went to different schools, sometimes not seeing each other for months and months, but when they get together they're just so comfortable with each other and the fun continues right there where they left it last time. The age difference between them spans across 11 years, but they take care of the youngest one effortlessly.
This resort is a fantastic place for fun. The kids spent a lot of time in the water, hopping from pool to pool, water slide, hot tub in a cave, biking and just running around. No wonder that my kids slept like a babies last night.

My husband and I enjoyed the lush landscape, as we walked a lot around the resort (well, we had to burn a lot of calories after the delicious, over the top meals we had). We found ourselves  admiring all the beautiful bromelias, and other blooms spread around the grounds, in the shades of plentiful trees. We discovered countless sculptures nested in the flower beds. The landscape was so lush and dark green, it made me think about how much effort is spent on maintaining it,  and left me wondering about how much fertilizer and pesticides are needed for the upkeep.

It was very hot , around 90 degrees both days. As hot as Florida gets in the summer. Heat that drains you, if you spend too much time outside, and that's how I feel now, drained. Today, except my morning bike ride I won't be going much outside. I'm happy in an AC environment today, organizing my studio a bit, and contemplating my next project.


  1. Wow, What a wonderful entry and such beautiful photos!! A terrific tribute to a very special time. Thanks for sharing. Huntly Christie

  2. Thank you guys,
    it would never be possible without you.
    My gratitude :)