Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yellow thirteen

This is one of my newest artworks. Yesterday, I delivered it to my favorite place, Washburn Imports. They have been carrying my artwork, well, for more than two years now. It has been a beautiful relationship. My artwork on their walls mixed with exotic furniture collections from Bali, India, Thailand and other beautiful places from Asia. It is a nice match, with my burlap backgrounds, vividly painted acrylics, textures, yarns, beads and of course custom made wood frames (made by my talented husband). I will have to devote another post to the Washburn Imports when I finally don't forget to take my camera with me and take some pictures of their wonderful showrooms.

It is obvious that I'm not suffering from triskaidekaphobia (don't you love these long words). Well after all, I was born on the 13th. It was Tuesday, not a dreadful Friday 13th. My house address is 1921 which when added equals 13. It would be interesting to know how many people consider themselves lucky or unlucky for being born on the 13th. I think that my 13 served me well so far, especially with my attitude that my glass is not half empty but rather half full.

I also hope that 13 flowers on the above artwork won't work against someone's decision to buy it.

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