Saturday, May 28, 2011

Untitled and in waiting

Some time ago I made this little series of experimental abstracts. Just to challenge myself and do something else different than the usual floral themes I explore.
They've been set aside in the corner of my studio desk. They're painted on uncradled wood panels, since I was impatient at the time when the idea hit me and couldn't wait for my husband to find some free time to cradle them.
The idea now is to put them in floater frames, and finally finish them.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grass is always greener in your neighbors yard

Yes, the grass is always greener in your neighbors yard.

We're in a war with our lawn for almost 16 years now, and we can't say who is winning.
St. Augustine is a bottomless money throwing  pit. This grass requires everything, just like a needy child. There's lots of watering required, but then it doesn't like over watering, fertilizing on a regular basis, pest control certain times of the year, disease control as needed, weed control always, doesn't like too much shade, doesn't like high traffic areas.....
We tried a few different varieties, installed plugs, installed new patches of sod a couple times.
We battled chinch bugs, white grubs, sod web worms, mole crickets, you name it.
We pulled the weeds by hand (and I assure you we're the only ones in the neighborhood doing it),  we threatened them and they didn't stop growing.
We don't like using chemicals, and all other kinds of poisons in our house,  or around our house, but without it this grass is constantly having tantrums. And the result is dead patches in the lawn.

Yes, some neighbors have their thick, lush, green lawns without any problems. Paying these grass maintenance services, and poisoning our environment, poisoning Florida aquifers. I can't escape thinking about the tremendous amounts of chemicals dumped on residential lawns, resort's landscapes, humongous golf courses, and theme parks. Of course, because we're a tourist oriented state,  everything needs to be lush and green through all the year, so it is sprayed around the clock, twelve months a year.

Florida's natural habitat is quite lush, but then every time a new subdivision, theme park, or mall is built everything is whipped away, and planted with non native plants that require more chemicals to be maintained, and more watering to deplete our water reserves.

I don't understand why we can't use what we have, and live more in sync with nature, minimizing our impact, and saving natural resources, particularly water. We're so environmentally unconscious, and I'm afraid that irreversible damage to the nature has already been done.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red as coral

Red in a variety of the coral shades is in this Summer. According to these are the shades that designers will use for this season.

I always loved wearing red jewelry in summer, especially with a white dress, or any other light shade clothing. 
I usually don't follow the fashion color trends, but this time it looks like I have a whole jewelry collection currently for sale in my Etsy Shop that correlates to this color palette.
Here are some samples:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Untitled XXVII

Monday, May 9, 2011

In memory of my mom

Mother's Day is an emotional day for me. This one was the third one without my mother. My husband and I talked a lot about her. It made me cry, and it made me smile. She passed away in December 2008. That deep scar in my heart will never heal. She was a beautiful women, strong and brave.  

Rozalija Novak 1942-2008

In this photo from the late 60's she's at work as a dental assistant. She worked in the same dental office until she retired. She loved her job, never complained about it. I remember as  a child visiting her place of work and being terrified by all those dental instruments and samples of the fake teeth on the shelf. 

My kids didn't have much chance to bond with her. They have some wonderful memories of spending time with her on our visits in Croatia, and a few times she visited us in States. 

I was lucky enough through my childhood to spend every summer with my grandma in Croatia, and it makes me sad that my kids didn't have that chance.
We have to make choices in our lives. I know we can't have everything we want, but sometimes some sacrifices have a tough price we have to pay.   

My mother's name was Rozalija (ro-ZAH-lee-yah), the Slavic version of Rosalia. Many friends and family called her Rosie. She loved roses and lilies, that she grew in front of her house. Even in the last three years of her life, while fighting cancer, she would still go out and tend to them. Her will to live was amazing.
This song from Enya is for her:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Purple explorations

I love purple. There is something soothing about purple, it's quite a pleasure working with all the shades of purple. I have done many projects in purple, purple jewelry, purple fiber art and purple artwork. Interestingly enough I own only few purple wearable items.

There is a long history of purple associated with mysticism, spirituality, creativity, nobility, magic and so on. Although it's rare in nature some of the most beautiful and delicate flowers are purple like: lilacs, violets,  orchids  and wisteria. There is also a variety of interesting purple stones: Amethyst, Ametrine,  Iolite, Lavender Jade, Lavender Quartz, Lepidolite, Selenite and Sugilite.

Leonardo da Vinci believed that the power of meditation increases ten times when someone is exposed  to the purple light.

"Deep Purple" was the biggest hit written by pianist Peter DeRose, published in 1933. It became so popular in the 30s that Mitchell Parish added lyrics to it in 1938.

The second more popular version was performed by Nino Tempo and April Stevens. That version was number one on the US pop charts in November 1963.

  by Mitchell Parish

When the deep purple falls

over sleepy garden walls

and the stars begin to flicker in the sky

thru the mist of a memory

you wander back to me

breathing my name with a sigh.

In the still of the night

once again I hold you tight.

Tho' you're gone your love lives on when moonlight beams

and as long as my heart will beat,

lover, we'll always meet

here in my deep purple dreams.

I really like this instrumental version  played by Guitarist Nikolai Svishev Trio:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Untitled XXVI