Monday, May 9, 2011

In memory of my mom

Mother's Day is an emotional day for me. This one was the third one without my mother. My husband and I talked a lot about her. It made me cry, and it made me smile. She passed away in December 2008. That deep scar in my heart will never heal. She was a beautiful women, strong and brave.  

Rozalija Novak 1942-2008

In this photo from the late 60's she's at work as a dental assistant. She worked in the same dental office until she retired. She loved her job, never complained about it. I remember as  a child visiting her place of work and being terrified by all those dental instruments and samples of the fake teeth on the shelf. 

My kids didn't have much chance to bond with her. They have some wonderful memories of spending time with her on our visits in Croatia, and a few times she visited us in States. 

I was lucky enough through my childhood to spend every summer with my grandma in Croatia, and it makes me sad that my kids didn't have that chance.
We have to make choices in our lives. I know we can't have everything we want, but sometimes some sacrifices have a tough price we have to pay.   

My mother's name was Rozalija (ro-ZAH-lee-yah), the Slavic version of Rosalia. Many friends and family called her Rosie. She loved roses and lilies, that she grew in front of her house. Even in the last three years of her life, while fighting cancer, she would still go out and tend to them. Her will to live was amazing.
This song from Enya is for her:


  1. It is beautiful to read such loving words about your mother. I can feel with you and I know how much you miss her. I am happy and grateful to still have my mother in my life but I know how it feels to miss a person and to have to let go. But your article is very beautiful and touching.It makes it very clear that respect and love can never die. There are so many people in this world who do not speak to their mother. I feel for them because nothing in life can be compared to the love of a mother.
    Thank you for posting this.

  2. Isabella, thank you for your nice words. You're right, many in this world don't have a close relationship to their mothers, or choose to forget them even when they're still alive. It's very sad.

    I always thought that my mother is my best friend, and I'm teaching my kids the same. Being mother is simply the best experience in my life.
    I lost other very dear people in my life, but nothing hurts more than loosing your mother.

  3. Such a beautiful post, dear Mirjana! Your Mother was a beautiful lady! I'm sure that the deep scar in your heart will never heal!
    I'm deadly afraid of the day when I will have to say goodby to my Mother:(
    Thank you for the beautiful post and photo!:)

  4. Thank you Mercedes! Life as beautiful as it is, also brings us many sad moments. Unfortunatelly, we're never ready for those moments. But, life goes on and we learn how to cope the best that we can. I wish you many, many more beautiful years spend in the company of your mother :)