Saturday, May 7, 2011

Purple explorations

I love purple. There is something soothing about purple, it's quite a pleasure working with all the shades of purple. I have done many projects in purple, purple jewelry, purple fiber art and purple artwork. Interestingly enough I own only few purple wearable items.

There is a long history of purple associated with mysticism, spirituality, creativity, nobility, magic and so on. Although it's rare in nature some of the most beautiful and delicate flowers are purple like: lilacs, violets,  orchids  and wisteria. There is also a variety of interesting purple stones: Amethyst, Ametrine,  Iolite, Lavender Jade, Lavender Quartz, Lepidolite, Selenite and Sugilite.

Leonardo da Vinci believed that the power of meditation increases ten times when someone is exposed  to the purple light.

"Deep Purple" was the biggest hit written by pianist Peter DeRose, published in 1933. It became so popular in the 30s that Mitchell Parish added lyrics to it in 1938.

The second more popular version was performed by Nino Tempo and April Stevens. That version was number one on the US pop charts in November 1963.

  by Mitchell Parish

When the deep purple falls

over sleepy garden walls

and the stars begin to flicker in the sky

thru the mist of a memory

you wander back to me

breathing my name with a sigh.

In the still of the night

once again I hold you tight.

Tho' you're gone your love lives on when moonlight beams

and as long as my heart will beat,

lover, we'll always meet

here in my deep purple dreams.

I really like this instrumental version  played by Guitarist Nikolai Svishev Trio:

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