Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fragments, fiber art series

These are a few new fiber art pieces I finished. They're listed in my Etsy shop: Cesart64

The first one is a fiber collage of various fabric scraps, some of them are hand dyed. They're stitched together with a sewing machine, and then embellished with beads as free form application of peyote stitch. Finally the piece is hand embroidered with embroidery thread.
The next two were done on pieces of felt, again with free form peyote stitch and hand embroidered.
They're mounted on mats, and ready for framing.


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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Untitled XXXV

Friday, June 24, 2011

Miami Beach

My friend Jacque and I went to Miami yesterday. She was in search of a good industrial sewing machine. After spending some time researching Orlando sewing machines suppliers  and testing what was available here everything pointed to the Miami Industrial Sewing & Supply Corp. as the place with the best selection and the most knowledgeable staff able to point her in the right direction and provide her with the industrial sewing machine that is capable of fulfilling to her needs.
We left Orlando around 4am, and the drive south went smooth and on time, arriving at the store just a few minutes before their opening.

After meeting the owner, a 74 years young Mr Itzhak Erez, Jacque was trusted in the hands of the head mechanic Mr Viktoras Sickus who introduced her to the new SEIKO Model STH-8BLD-3. Both of us gave it a try and machine stitched flawlessly through the thick layers of fabric and leather Jacque brought as her sample, with a powerful motor purring its tune. Mr Viktoras explained everything needed to know about maintenance and everything else she needed to know about this powerful working horse.

We decided to do some sight seeing while we were there, and after getting detailed directions from Mr Itzhak we headed to Miami Beach. He warned us about the absolute possibility of earning a sunburn and after Jacque assured him that she has sunscreen on hand we left the store.

We parked at the garage on 17th street, and headed out for a stroll along the Ocean Drive. The sun was relentless, and without the sunscreen we would be burned like lobsters.

There weren't many people around, just some here and there headed for the beach.
We stopped in front of the impressive Mediterranean Versace's Villa. It's hard to believe that he was killed right there on these steps in broad daylight. Quite a sad story.

Making the decision where to stop for lunch was hard. So many choices and so many hustling hostesses  trying to motivate you to eat at their place. Finally we opted for the Kitchen. We sat on the terrace, and cooled off under fans and cold mist  coolers. The food was OK, and after all the attention they give us to get us in, after serving us with meal they quite forgot about us. I guess all the effort is just to get you in, and later you're on your own. Jacque had a Cuban sandwich, and I had a Chicken Pesto sandwich.
After lunch we looked at the beach and the plentiful amount of sun umbrellas dotted on the sand. There was quite a bit of sunbathers, at the hottest time of the day.
Even if we had time for the beach we felt it wouldn't be a good idea.

This was my third visit to Miami Beach and the place doesn't cease to amaze me with it's gorgeous Art Deco architecture. So many details to look at. There were many buildings under renovation and that is a welcome sight to see, knowing that they're trying to preserve what they have.

I tried to imagine how the place looked almost a century ago at its prime.
I wish I could have seen it at that time.


Time passed quite quickly and we had to head back to the store and pick up the machine before they closed for the day. 
Mr Victoras was ready for us and with the help of Ramon and Cesar loaded the machine quite quickly in the car. Mr Itzhak posed for a photo with Jacque and after giving us hugs and kisses we're set for return.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Untitled XXXII and untitled XXXIII

Two Etsy treasuries I curated today:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

20th wedding anniversary

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary.

It was June 15th, 1991. Times were crazy. Croatia was still a part of Yugoslavia, seeking independence. Changes were unfolding all throughout Eastern Europe. Communism was loosing its grip and the USSR was falling apart.

The top song on European charts was: Wind of Change.

There wasn't time for newlywed bliss.

War was brewing in Croatia, and it officially stated on June 25th, 1991. It was really hard to believe all that was happening.  I still remember terrifying  pictures of war being shown on the news. It was happening in our country, overnight, everything changed. My husband was drafted, sent to defend our country. Me working in the Army base, fearful for my friends that every goodbye might be the last one.

We survived the war. Some of our friends didn't.
We moved to US, had kids, continued with our lives.
We were lucky to have each other. This marriage that started at such a frightful time, blossomed into a wonderful life together. Raising three beautiful kids is the best gift we could have ever asked for.

Happy Anniversary my dear.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Untitled XXX and XXXI

Last two Etsy treasuries I curated:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fragments in green

I feel like I ran a marathon, seriously, even some muscles I didn't know I had are hurting today. It was an exhausting weekend. We installed about 1,500 square feet of new St. Augustine sod. We couldn't work all day because of the heat, but from 8am until 2pm each day was more than enough to sweat out every pint of liquid we drank to keep cool while working. The Florida sun is relentless and working outside at this time of the year is probably as effective as going to the gym and working out.

Now comes another expensive part of making sure that the new lawn won't dry and die before it establishes itself. Water, water and more water. And because Florida summers are not rainy any more as they should be it means watering it with sprinklers. 

I wonder for how much longer will the green lawn be the norm in subdivision living.
The moment they relax the rules, I'm planting flowers and veggies, and no trespassing in my garden, please.

This is the last week of school for my kids, actually the last three days, and that feels good for me and for them. They're great kids, all three of them have straight A's and we really feel blessed for not having problematic kids.
Since they're in the teenage age, they're now constantly hungry. It means more cooking, but lucky for me they're not too choosy, and that makes it easier. A nicely sized vegetable garden would be quite helpful since we really devour veggies in huge quantities.

I'm hoping to actually spend more time in studio not dealing with the three different schedules of going to and coming from school.
Last month I had too many projects to take care of and not much time for painting or my fiber arts.
Still, this is one of the cuffs I finished and posted to Etsy: