Wednesday, June 15, 2011

20th wedding anniversary

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary.

It was June 15th, 1991. Times were crazy. Croatia was still a part of Yugoslavia, seeking independence. Changes were unfolding all throughout Eastern Europe. Communism was loosing its grip and the USSR was falling apart.

The top song on European charts was: Wind of Change.

There wasn't time for newlywed bliss.

War was brewing in Croatia, and it officially stated on June 25th, 1991. It was really hard to believe all that was happening.  I still remember terrifying  pictures of war being shown on the news. It was happening in our country, overnight, everything changed. My husband was drafted, sent to defend our country. Me working in the Army base, fearful for my friends that every goodbye might be the last one.

We survived the war. Some of our friends didn't.
We moved to US, had kids, continued with our lives.
We were lucky to have each other. This marriage that started at such a frightful time, blossomed into a wonderful life together. Raising three beautiful kids is the best gift we could have ever asked for.

Happy Anniversary my dear.


  1. Wow, Mirjana! That is one powerful post... It was an aweful time. We followed the war on the news of course. Glad it worked out with a happy ending for you and yours!!! And you share your beautiful art. :)

  2. That was a very fascinating and powerful post; I regret to say I am completely ignorant of any such war ever occuring, which is the consequence of a pitifully limited curriculum. Nevertheless, I am very sorry for the losses you have suffered, but thankful that such a harmonious marriage could blossom when times seem so dire. The human persistence to prevail with such things even in these circumstances is remarkable ...

    I wish you a very happy anniversary!

    [ On an unrelated note, it was my mother's birthday on Monday; she utterly adored the necklace. Given how this is the first time I have bought her a gift with money I have truly earned myself and how precious it is - not to mention how beautiful is! - she has it safe on a mantlepiece to observe as if it were an ornament, fearful of breaking it! We did take some photos of her with it on, however; I'd be happy to show you! ]

  3. Thank you Maria and Ophelia!
    It was truly the most difficult period of our lives. One feels so helpless living through it. I dislike violence of any source, especially war. It's always common people that suffer the most and die because of politics or higher interests.
    Now it seems like a distant memory, almost like someone else's life, but the feeling of being grateful of surviving these times will be always present in my mind.

    (Ophelia, thank you for a nice note about the necklace. I'm really glad that your mom likes it. It's such a beautiful thing that you presented her with a gift that you earned yourself. She must be very proud of you. Yes, I would like to see the photos.)
    Take care :)