Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fragments, fiber art series

These are a few new fiber art pieces I finished. They're listed in my Etsy shop: Cesart64

The first one is a fiber collage of various fabric scraps, some of them are hand dyed. They're stitched together with a sewing machine, and then embellished with beads as free form application of peyote stitch. Finally the piece is hand embroidered with embroidery thread.
The next two were done on pieces of felt, again with free form peyote stitch and hand embroidered.
They're mounted on mats, and ready for framing.


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  1. These are lovely!! I partial to the top one, due to the colors.

  2. Thank you girls!
    I do love the browns on the first one too.

  3. Yes, I really love the first one also. I could see that being a sun dress, the whole dress made that way. Have you considered making dresses like that? Beautiful work Mirjana.

  4. Thank you John, yes, there are some clothing ideas, but not in a near future. I simply have to restrain myself. I'm getting into too many things, and that can't be good on the long run. Focus, focus....

  5. Those are beautiful, love the first one! New follower from bloggy moms, have a great friday! You can find me at