Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Floral fantasy and untitled

This piece was on the side burner in my studio while I was painting a series of abstracts. I would go back and forth, touching up and tweaking  the flowers.
I usually collect a whole bunch of finished artwork before I embark on the final stage and spend a few hours on the porch varnishing them. Today is a picture taking day, editing, naming and cataloging...

Floral fantasy 20x20

Here are some of the abstracts that I'm planning to deliver to the Gallery 17.92 by the end of the week.
They're done on cradled wood panels with paper and fiber collage, painted with acrylic, watercolor, markers and embellished with stamps and beads.
I'm trying to think of the name for this series, but no luck so far.
Any ideas?




These are detailed close ups of the last two paintings:

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  1. I love your fantasy flowers and the abstracts have a little look of Klimt....great.