Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vignette series

Recycle, salvage and reuse is my daily mantra. It really makes me happy having the least amount of garbage (compared to my neighbors) thrown out  on garbage pick up days.
Since my husband builds frames for my larger artwork, there is always a decent amount of left over wood planks in our garage. These pieces are ranging in size from 8-15" long by 5-8" wide.
They all got few layers of acrylic paint (some of them I first applied plaster for an interesting texture).
I used free style machine stitching on a piece of cotton scrap fabric, and then glued it to the prepared wood plank, applying more acrylic paint and washes to the piece.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dodo stuffies and hurricane worries

Here they are. First two stuffies made with Spoonflower printed fabric. I ordered 100% organic cotton sateen , and I like the feel of it. They're filled with polyester fiberfill. Their size is 11"x8".
They're listed in my Etsy shop.

This morning I'm watching the changed forecast for hurricane Irene. It changed significantly overnight. I can only hope that it will move more towards east and lessen its impact on Florida. Orlando is only about 50 miles inland from the east coast, and that is not much in this case.
Hurricane Charley in 2004 is still very fresh in my mind, and all the horror it produced. I can still remember a sound of wind ripping off my roof in the darkness of the night. Our tall palm trees snapped in half like matchsticks. Pool screen enclosure collapsed under the fallen palm tree and it all ended in the pool. My kids and dog were terrified, bundled under the staircase  in the middle of the house.
Up until that  morning Charley's track wasn't going over Orlando. It was supposedly going over Tampa. So naturally many left Tampa and drove to Orlando. As the day progressed Charley took a right turn aiming straight for us. There wasn't anything that we could do, except wait and hope that impact won't be harsh.
Since we got here in '92 Florida natives always told us, don't worry, hurricanes don't do much damage inland. All the trouble is on the coast. Hurricane season of 2004 proved them wrong, it was quite a mess.
It was impossible to get a new roof. It took us nine months, and for the new screen enclosure more than a year. Dealing with contractors was a nightmare.

So watching this track this morning gives me a very familiar uneasy feeling.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Untitled XLIII-XLV

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dodo birds

I can't believe I didn't blog for two weeks or so.
Life was busy here, hectic as usual in this household of five + dog (whose personality is more of a cat). Summer break is coming to an end, and this week is the last one to enjoy sleeping late in the morning, at least for my sophomore high school girl. The other two will have it quite easy with their middle school schedule, and plenty of time to walk the dog in the morning before they go to school.

I was busy in my studio despite all the distractions. I have a new series of florals in fall colors, just waiting to be varnished and framed. Another floral series done on salvaged wood with plaster and fiber, more fiber art necklaces, waiting to be photographed.

I also did a small series of simple bird illustrations. The idea was born one morning after I caught myself doodling them on pieces of junk mail in the kitchen. I like their simplicity, and I'll probably explore them more in the future.

My plan is to make a little stuffy pillows with these designs. This was my first try using Spoonflower services and ordering  custom printed fabrics from them. I'm quite satisfied with how the images turned out, especially the red bird (considering it was my first time). While preparing the images with Photoshop I actually learned a lot of new stuff, and it makes me interested in learning even more since I wasn't a big Photoshop user, except for the purpose of editing photos.
I'm very happy with the quality of organic cotton sateen fabric I chose, and Spoonflower's very fast delivery. I will explore the other kinds of fabrics they have in the future.