Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011

My husband and I love dressing up as pirates. Our kids liked it too, all the previous years, but this year they decided to abandon our pirate club and they chose a different costumes. So it was just me and my husband living up to our tradition and having pre Halloween Pirate Day dress up. All of the clothing and accessories we used are pulled from our closet. Most of the pieces are just old clothes re-tailored and adjusted to look like pirate clothing.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fantasy pins

Here is a new collection of fiber art pins. They're really fun to make and an excellent way to use all the fabric scraps laying around my studio. I like their monochromatic theme.
They are great pin-on corsages for accessorizing fall and winter  jackets and coats.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Purple sunset

We had a most gorgeous purple sunset last Saturday. The sky was on fire and colors were changing so rapidly from second to second, as you can see on each new shot I took. Although we don't have many Fall changes here in Central Florida these colors allude to the end of summer in my mind.

Last week was my birthday, and as I looked for some 1964 trivia, I came upon this song that is well known to me. It was on the Croatian top lists all that year. The group was called Crveni koralji (Red corals), and they were very popular in Zagreb at that time. My parents didn't think twice about what name to give me, they went with the flow:


Song lyrics freely translated by me:

Autumn is
and branches are swaying in the wind
I'm sitting alone
and you're not beside me

O Mirjana, Mirjana, Mirjana

Autumn is
and the last leaves are falling
all the roads to my dreams
are vanishing

O Mirjana, o Mirjana, O Mirjana

But all the days
of our summer are still alive

when we were so happy
left alone in this world

O Mirjana, Mirjana

It's quite a sad song about a lost summer love.

Occasionally I listen to my favorite Croatian Station on the internet, and very, very rarely they play this song in some Evergreen show. It still gets me every time, it has quite a sentimental meaning to me. A link from my past, from the day when I was born. A link to my parents (who are not alive any more). It takes me back to the city where I was born, grew up, experienced my first love, and all the other memories, good and bad, until I left the country in 1992. I remember hearing this song when I was a teenager, and back then it didn't have this special meaning to me. It was just an old song from the sixties. Thirty years later, it's quite a different story, and I'm thankful to be able to tell a story about this song to my kids.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Flower series

Recently, I finished a series of six floral themed mixed media paintings. I played with Fall colors, and I like the results. They are done on acrylic painted burlap backgrounds which adds a great texture. The flowers were cut out of cotton fabric, then glued to the background and painted with acrylics and markers. The first piece and the last one have some seed beads sewn through.
I'm definitely going to explore more of this color scheme in the future.

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Fall style

Here is a little look at Fall style my way. I love good boots with jeans, and I really wear them any time possible in the Floridian winter (and that's not too many days here). Every cold front is quite appreciated here. It makes me happy to pull out my chunkiest sweaters from the highest shelves in my closet, and layer up.

The accessories featured with this look are all from my Etsy shop. Unique fiber art, handmade by me.
What do you think?

Ralph Lauren: Chocolate Chunky Cashmere Cables Circle Cardigan  

 Anthropologie: Joe's Provocateur denim

 Carlos Santana Boots

 Anthropologie: Leafy Crossing Tee

Cesart64 on Etsy: Fall beauty II necklace

Cesart64 on Etsy: fantasy VII pin

Cesart64 on Etsy: Brown fantasy clutch

Untitled XLIX - LII