Thursday, January 20, 2011

Swirls, mixed media artwork

Fiddlehead ferns are great inspiration to me. Delicate unfurled new leaves of ferns, swirled into tightly woven rounds swaying gently under the cool breeze. When I think of a forest, images of fiddleheads first come to my mind. Spread around the forest floor like a beautiful rug. They represent life in all its beauty. Little embryos ready to unfold and grow to their full size under the shy rays of the sun peeking through the forest canopy.  

They're a recurrent theme in my artwork. The following works are my explorations of fiber collage, fiber art and acrylic painting. The background is burlap, primed with gesso and painted with layers of acrylic. The grass is made out of cotton fabric cut outs primed and painted individually with acrylic, and than glued and stitched to the background. Finally, the swirls are sewn through with acrylic yarns.