Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The desert of life

My soul is wearily tired
my heart beating so slow
skipping a beat
every now and then

it wasn't supposed
to be this way
so hopelessly miserable
greedy and brutal
this troubled world
and everything
there is to it

they always said:
"we will never forget"
the hideous horrors
of humankind

but they forgot
and yes undeniably
 they will always forget
year after year
decade after decade
century after century

the rotating circle of evil
always comes back
the fat cats obviously rule
even the darkest alleys

it's hopeless
my mind repeats
we're destined for a doom
serenity is an illusion
for oblivious souls

it wasn't supposed
to be this way

memory recalls
some thirty years ago
a joyful teenage girl
thinking of the world
imagining a brighter future
a finer world then this one


The only ray of hope
is the laughter of my kids
surrounding me
like a warm embrace
a divine song of love
my tender oasis in
a harsh desert of life

© Mirjana Cesar