Friday, April 22, 2011


"Fragments" - that's how I named my recently made series of cuffs. The name came instantly by itself , just as I was taking photos of the finished pieces. All these different beads I used, separated by design and then connected again with embroidery threads.

fragment - noun
  1. a part broken away from a whole; broken piece
  2. a detached, isolated, or incomplete part
  3. the part that exists of a literary or other work left unfinished
It brings me thoughts about our lives. All of us that got separated from our families, countries, by choice, or by circumstances. We're fragments, parts broken away from extended families, places of birth. Yet, we still have connections, our threads that link us back to them. 

Looking at my kids growing up, I can't escape thinking about the future. They will leave one day, following their lives, taking little fragments of my soul with them.

Fragments in beige

Fragments in brown

Fragments in green