Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grass is always greener in your neighbors yard

Yes, the grass is always greener in your neighbors yard.

We're in a war with our lawn for almost 16 years now, and we can't say who is winning.
St. Augustine is a bottomless money throwing  pit. This grass requires everything, just like a needy child. There's lots of watering required, but then it doesn't like over watering, fertilizing on a regular basis, pest control certain times of the year, disease control as needed, weed control always, doesn't like too much shade, doesn't like high traffic areas.....
We tried a few different varieties, installed plugs, installed new patches of sod a couple times.
We battled chinch bugs, white grubs, sod web worms, mole crickets, you name it.
We pulled the weeds by hand (and I assure you we're the only ones in the neighborhood doing it),  we threatened them and they didn't stop growing.
We don't like using chemicals, and all other kinds of poisons in our house,  or around our house, but without it this grass is constantly having tantrums. And the result is dead patches in the lawn.

Yes, some neighbors have their thick, lush, green lawns without any problems. Paying these grass maintenance services, and poisoning our environment, poisoning Florida aquifers. I can't escape thinking about the tremendous amounts of chemicals dumped on residential lawns, resort's landscapes, humongous golf courses, and theme parks. Of course, because we're a tourist oriented state,  everything needs to be lush and green through all the year, so it is sprayed around the clock, twelve months a year.

Florida's natural habitat is quite lush, but then every time a new subdivision, theme park, or mall is built everything is whipped away, and planted with non native plants that require more chemicals to be maintained, and more watering to deplete our water reserves.

I don't understand why we can't use what we have, and live more in sync with nature, minimizing our impact, and saving natural resources, particularly water. We're so environmentally unconscious, and I'm afraid that irreversible damage to the nature has already been done.