Monday, June 6, 2011

Fragments in green

I feel like I ran a marathon, seriously, even some muscles I didn't know I had are hurting today. It was an exhausting weekend. We installed about 1,500 square feet of new St. Augustine sod. We couldn't work all day because of the heat, but from 8am until 2pm each day was more than enough to sweat out every pint of liquid we drank to keep cool while working. The Florida sun is relentless and working outside at this time of the year is probably as effective as going to the gym and working out.

Now comes another expensive part of making sure that the new lawn won't dry and die before it establishes itself. Water, water and more water. And because Florida summers are not rainy any more as they should be it means watering it with sprinklers. 

I wonder for how much longer will the green lawn be the norm in subdivision living.
The moment they relax the rules, I'm planting flowers and veggies, and no trespassing in my garden, please.

This is the last week of school for my kids, actually the last three days, and that feels good for me and for them. They're great kids, all three of them have straight A's and we really feel blessed for not having problematic kids.
Since they're in the teenage age, they're now constantly hungry. It means more cooking, but lucky for me they're not too choosy, and that makes it easier. A nicely sized vegetable garden would be quite helpful since we really devour veggies in huge quantities.

I'm hoping to actually spend more time in studio not dealing with the three different schedules of going to and coming from school.
Last month I had too many projects to take care of and not much time for painting or my fiber arts.
Still, this is one of the cuffs I finished and posted to Etsy: