Saturday, September 24, 2011

Washburn Imports

Today I'm taking you on a trip to India, Thailand, Burma, Bali, Vietnam, and Laos... Well, that's how I feel when I set my foot in The Washburn Imports. This amazing store located in Ivanhoe Antique Row takes you to another world. Each piece they carry is an original, unique, one of a kind, handcrafted by artisans from the above mentioned countries. 
This place has carried my artwork for many years by now and it's a great inspiration to me. 
Yesterday I delivered my new pieces to the store and finally remembered to take my camera with me to "walk you through the store".
The owner is John Washburn. He travels to all of these exotic destinations to hand pick these beauties.
The store manager is the most helpful Paul Jones, and trust me there is no question that he doesn't know an answer to.

There is a wonderful collection of antique  doors, that I would certainly take to my house if I could only have more space to display them. My newest experimental mixed media is above the doors.

My artwork is spread around the store, mixed and matched with the furniture and decor.

 I love the look of this gigantic vase.


 Mr. Paul Jones in the background taking care of the stuff.

In the heart of the store is a really unique bar called The Imperial. It is open every day except Monday, and it stays open after the store closes. It offers a great selection of micro-brews and boutique wines. I'm really a wine person, but I really like their draft beer . But we'll leave that story for the next time I visit this place in the evening hours when the atmosphere is relaxed and magical.

And who knows, maybe my husband  will consider becoming a bartender as his second job. Looks like he likes that idea.