Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sunset nine

My newest mixed media in the colors of the sunset. Happy colors...

I think it goes nicely with Yesenin's poem:


Here is this happiness
 by Sergei Aleksandrovich Yesenin  

Here is this happiness — silly —
Windows looking out to the lawn.
The sunset is peaceful, it’s gliding
On the lake like a scarlet-necked swan.
Greetings to you, golden stillness,
The birch, white and svelte as a stork.
Over the roof, a flock of jackdaws
Tends vespers to Lodestar.
Coyly, somewhere in the garden
Right where the guelder rose blooms,
A delicate girl in a white gown —
Chants her delicate tunes.
Grey haze ascends from the pastures;
Little night cold slowly creeps.
Happiness — silly and precious —
The innocent rose of your cheeks


  1. That is lovely piece! Very warm. And the way you have it framed makes it look like it's surrounded by water.

  2. Thank you Lisa. Yes, the finish I used on the frame makes it look like it's surrounded by water, and also makes it harder to take a good photo of the framed piece, since it's so reflective.