Saturday, May 5, 2012


I'm surrounded with green all year around here in Florida. We don't have depressing gray winters like up north. The only drawback is the lack of obvious visual seasonal changes here, and I miss that. 
I love exploring green themes in my jewelry designs as well in my artwork.
Playing with different textures and materials here:


  1. Ah, see... you have to come farther north! Our winters are very bright and sunny in Canada. : ) It's spring now and dark dark dark. VERY depressing. It makes me miss winter when we wear our sunglasses. : )

    Beautiful work. Where did you live before?
    sewing in Saskatoon

    1. Thank you Monika. I lived in Croatia until '92 when we moved to Florida. Moving here from a country with four seasons really feels like being in summer all year around.