Thursday, September 20, 2012

New additions to my studio

I was thinking about buying an industrial sewing machine and a serger for some time. I was comparing different models online, researching and it was quite hard to decide. Occasionally I would check e-bay or Craigslist for used ones. And then it suddenly happened. I found these two on Craigslist from one seller. They posted it for sale on Sunday, and I saw it on Tuesday. Thinking they were gone and sold already, I still contacted the seller with a little hope that they would still be available.  
To my surprise and joy, they were.

 Juki serger MO-644D was the exact model I was eyeing online, 

 and Juki DDL-8500 was a perfect match to it.

And here they are at their new home, in my studio. I'm dancing a happy dance. They were in great shape. After a little cleaning and tweaking they're purring.  My old Singer was ready to retire. 

There are already so many new projects planned involving these two. 
I can promise to them - they are going to be busy! 

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