Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gypsy tales cuffs

A little collection of three Gypsy Tales cuffs finished recently:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jakob, soft sculpture fiber art bird

A new addition to my series of soft sculpture birds - Jakob.

I love his calming colors.

He's one proud bird.

There is a wonderful Native American tale about Blue Bird and Coyote:

A very long time ago there was a beautiful bird but its feathers had an ugly color.
Then he spotted a lake nearby. For four mornings he bathed in its waters singing this magic song: 

"There's blue water.
It lies here.
I went in.
I'm all blue"

On the fourth morning his feathers fell off. The next morning when he came to the lake new feathers grew in beautiful blue colors.
Coyote was watching him all these days, and wanted to eat him but was afraid of jumping into the water. When he saw him with this new gorgeous blue feathers, he asked the Bluebird how he got his new color. Coyote was bright green and didn't like it. 
Bird told him what he did and taught him the magic song.
Coyote did what he was told and his fur turned the same blue color like the Bluebird's.

Coyote was so proud of his new color that he strolled around to show it to everyone. He became so vain,  he even looked to see if his shadow had become blue. With all that showing off he didn't see where he was going, so he tripped on a tree stump and fell into the dirt. He got covered in dust.
This is why Coyotes are no longer blue and their fur is the color of dust. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Solar 22° halo

A funny thing happened yesterday, just a day after the blood moon eclipse. My husband worked from home,  and we had a nice lunch outside on our porch enjoying truly perfect weather, an unusual 70 something degrees for this time of the year. As we finished lunch, he laid down on the pool lounger and looked at the sky. His expression changed to surprised one suddenly telling me to look up. And there we stood together under the mid-day sun in an awe, experiencing our first sighting of such a kind.

It is quite funny that both of us are 50 years old and have never seen something like it before in our lives. So, we stood there contemplating what could cause such a phenomenon. My first thought was that it was somehow connected to the moon eclipse, and therefore it was a certain positioning of the planets. We also joked that aliens are coming or the world is coming to an end.
Then I went online and looked up for images about sun rings, and mystery was solved. We discovered it was a solar halo or specifically 22° halo.
These large circles form around the sun when the sky is covered by thin cirrus clouds and the sunlight passes through them at a certain angle and gets reflected through millions of hexagonal ice crystals.
I had to put on double sunglasses to prevent hurting my eyes to be able to take few photos of it.
It lasted for more than an hour, and we alerted a couple of friends to look at the sky. None of them have ever seen it before in their lives either, although reading about it online they're apparently quite an often sight in the sky.
Halos are even used to forecast weather, they are a sign that rain is coming. 
And today we have very cloudy skies and rain on the way.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Balthazar, fiber art bird

My parrot bird sculptures represent parrots in captivity. 
They don't have wings, because they're not supposed to fly. They serve like ornaments, beautiful things we like to look at.

Fiber Art Mirjana Cesar

I simply can't agree with the idea of holding millions and millions of parrots and other exotic birds in  captivity. They're not domesticated animals like cats and dogs.
I can't even imagine how much sadness a bird can feel sitting in her cage in front of the window, gazing at the blue sky and dreaming about flying. What anxiety it feels  watching other birds fly by. 
They spend hours and hours in their cages alone in rooms, waiting for their owners to return and give them some care and attention.

Fiber Art Mirjana Cesar

They should be free, in their natural environment, surrounded by the other birds, happily singing and enjoying their long lives in the canopies of rain forests!

This great article by The Avian Welfare Coalition  about the true nature of parrots should be read by                                anyone who considers owning a parrot: The True Nature of Parrots