Thursday, August 28, 2014

Carnival of war

Foggy memories emerging
 After so long
Of the full-fledged
Carnival of war
In the ill fated country
That ceased to exist
Soaked up in flaming blood
Of unfortunate innocent souls

It happened
Just after we took our wedding vows
We were spinning around in the chained seats
On the carousel of blazing madness
Trying desperately to wake up
And shake off the nightmare
While every new morning
Brought only one after another
Rude awakenings

World said:
Never again
We can’t let it happen ever again

Two decades passed since
And it happened
Again and again
At many
 Too many tormented places

The Carnival of war
Tours this sad globe
In a perpetual heinous cycle

With no end in sight

© Mirjana Cesar

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