Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Balthazar, fiber art bird

My parrot bird sculptures represent parrots in captivity. 
They don't have wings, because they're not supposed to fly. They serve like ornaments, beautiful things we like to look at.

Fiber Art Mirjana Cesar

I simply can't agree with the idea of holding millions and millions of parrots and other exotic birds in  captivity. They're not domesticated animals like cats and dogs.
I can't even imagine how much sadness a bird can feel sitting in her cage in front of the window, gazing at the blue sky and dreaming about flying. What anxiety it feels  watching other birds fly by. 
They spend hours and hours in their cages alone in rooms, waiting for their owners to return and give them some care and attention.

Fiber Art Mirjana Cesar

They should be free, in their natural environment, surrounded by the other birds, happily singing and enjoying their long lives in the canopies of rain forests!

This great article by The Avian Welfare Coalition  about the true nature of parrots should be read by                                anyone who considers owning a parrot: The True Nature of Parrots