Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jakob, soft sculpture fiber art bird

A new addition to my series of soft sculpture birds - Jakob.

I love his calming colors.

He's one proud bird.

There is a wonderful Native American tale about Blue Bird and Coyote:

A very long time ago there was a beautiful bird but its feathers had an ugly color.
Then he spotted a lake nearby. For four mornings he bathed in its waters singing this magic song: 

"There's blue water.
It lies here.
I went in.
I'm all blue"

On the fourth morning his feathers fell off. The next morning when he came to the lake new feathers grew in beautiful blue colors.
Coyote was watching him all these days, and wanted to eat him but was afraid of jumping into the water. When he saw him with this new gorgeous blue feathers, he asked the Bluebird how he got his new color. Coyote was bright green and didn't like it. 
Bird told him what he did and taught him the magic song.
Coyote did what he was told and his fur turned the same blue color like the Bluebird's.

Coyote was so proud of his new color that he strolled around to show it to everyone. He became so vain,  he even looked to see if his shadow had become blue. With all that showing off he didn't see where he was going, so he tripped on a tree stump and fell into the dirt. He got covered in dust.
This is why Coyotes are no longer blue and their fur is the color of dust.