Thursday, July 3, 2014

Morning light in the Appalachian Mountains

Two weeks ago we traveled to North Georgia to spend a week at our friend's estate, Bear Paw.
From the moment we drove through the entry of the property we fell in love with it.
The views from their storybook lodge were just magnificent.

We would wake up early in the morning while it was still dark and ventured outdoors. Waiting for the daylight to emerge through the valley mist was the most beautiful part of the day. Our souls felt an absolute peacefulness in the stillness of the eternal moment. The only sound surrounding us was of birds singing in harmony and pure happiness. 

We took long morning walks when sunbeams started dancing gracefully with tall elegant trees. Nature awakened by their gentle touch. Mystical forest life unfolding. 

We ventured to the beginning of the Appalachian trail, wondering how many feet walked the same trail before us. Feeling the same delight, the same infatuation with nature in all its wonder.

Streams performing their perfectly conducted symphonies. Moss covering softly rounded rocks emerging from the water.

Returning from the trail we found ourselves in a meadow greeted by Queen Ann's Lace's blooming flowers. The meadow looked like it was sprinkled with hundreds of lacy doilies waiting for butterflies and Ladybugs to visit.